Missions Incorporated

254: Back From a Sabbatical Rest

September 14, 2021 Jesse Schreck
Missions Incorporated
254: Back From a Sabbatical Rest
Show Notes

We are now back from our sabbatical rest and eager to be at the Lord's service again among the people here in the area of Venice, Italy. We start this episode with an exhortation on Strengthening Yourself in the Lord from 1 Samuel 30:6. We then look at a video of Venetians honoring the victims from 9-11 in the USA :-) Next, we discuss the Green Pass situation which started on August 6th in all of Italy. Lastly, we invite you to save the date for an upcoming PMc Missions Webinar scheduled for November 13, 2021.

2:22 Bible Exhortation - 3 Ways to Strengthen Yourself in the Lord
13:48 on the sabbatical rest
16:12 Venetian Italians honoring US victims from 9-11
19:13 Green Pass - the new reality...
25:10 PMc Missions Webinar

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Like Jesus driven to His cross so we drive ourselves to the singular task of the edification (planting) of Biblical churches in Italy.

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